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1000w Rechargeable Portable Solar Power Station

Short Description:

The A1001 has high capacity 278400mAh, which is a high power travel equipment, and driving equipment within 1000W. It’s suitable for UAV photography, outdoor electricity, self-drive camping electricity demand. Also, the device come with a flexible plastic handle which help to carry portable and easily. The Portable Power Station is a smart and convenient solution for all your power needs. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or working from home, this generator can help you charge multiple devices at the same time and get through those long work days with ease. It is compact enough to be taken anywhere you go and features recharging LED display that let you know how much power is left in the battery.

Product Detail

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Wireless Charging: t's specially designed to charge your iPhone, Samsung or other wireless devices quickly and safely using only the wireless charging pad at the top.


1. Capacity 278400mAh, 1.euipped with 2 QC3.0 charging ports, 6 AC outputs, 1 cigarette lighter output.
2. Two-way heat dissipation desigh for effective heat dissipation and safer use.
3. LED light modes:
1) Shoot the light pattern
2) Read light mode-low/high brightness
3) SOS mode-SOS flash/stobe mode
4. Recharging modes:
1) Solar panel
2) Car charger
3) From wall
5. Safety Guarantees
1) Short circuit protection
2) Over current protection
3) Overvoltage protection
4) Overload protection
5) Overheating protection
6) Short circuit protection








Car freezer

Mini Fan

29 hrs

28 times

8 times

3 times

18 times

15 times

6 hrs

9 hrs



Lithium-ion battery pack energy: 46.6Ah/21.6v/1007Wh
Cell capacity: 278400mAh/3.6V
AC rated output energy: 856Wh
Solar Panel Input: 18V~24V solar panel
Enter: DC 5-30V-4A MAX, USB-C1 5V-2.0A 9V-3.0A 12V-3.0A 15V-3.0A 20V-5.0A, DC+USB-C Joint input 220W MAX
Output: USB-C1 5V-2.4A 9V-3.0A 12V-3.0A 15V-3.0A 20V-5.0A, PPS 3.3V-16V-3.0A 3.3V-21V-3.0A, USB-C2 5V-2.4A 9V-2.0A 12V-1.5A, DC 12V-10A, USB-A1 5V-2.4A 9V-2.0A 12V-1.5A, USB-A2 5V-2.4A
Power Source: AC Adaptor, Car, Solar Panel
Charging Options: Solar Panel/Car/Home Adaptor
AC(Sine wave)Output: 100-240V 50/60Hz continued 1000W Peak 2000W
Operating temperature: -20-40°C Charging temperature: 0-40°C
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Lifecycle: >800 Times
Material of Casing: ABS+PC
Gross Weight: 11.5KG
Certification: CE/FCC/RoHS/PSE/UN38.3/MSDS



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